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Apache v nginx v OpenLiteSpeed
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Apache v nginx v OpenLiteSpeed

edited September 2013 in General

Trying to figure out which server to install. Are there any benchmarks available comparing

Apache 2.4
Apache 2.4 + nginx 1.4 reverse proxy for static
Apache 2.4 + Varnish 3.0 reverse proxy for static
nginx 1.4
nginx 1.4 + Varnish 3.0 reverse proxy
OpenLiteSpeed + Varnish 3.0 reverse proxy

I think the "small static file" only benchmarks are useless. So, really looking for something that compares realistic installs like a WordPress of a Joomla install with some photos (e.g. default WordPress install)


  • Why not frontend varnish, surely it's quicker with a varnish front end storing the pages in the ram?

  • By the way I'd avoid using apache's php module vs php-fpm. I found php-fpm to be about 3-4x quicker than the apache module in tests. Something that also helps a lot with php-fpm is using apc or something similar to cache.

  • nginx+php-fpm.

    Don't overthink it.

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  • What are you planning to do?

    For me I run lots of nginx for my websites and Im quite impressed, but apache is still far faster in PHP environments. However it is getting close with PHP-FPM and Sockets.

    It might be a good idea to setup nginx as a proxy with apache as a backend. You will need to have nginx act as a caching proxy to garner the greatest speeds.


  • I used to use nginx as a frontend proxy for most items(07-08), with Apache behind it. These days I like varnish out front as it's dedicated to caching and answers quickly - I would say if the site were super super busy, I would prolly use haproxy out front balancing to varnish caches and then to the nginx/apache/whatever origin machines.

  • I will probably run a heavy WordPress site + a Magento or OpenCart + one or two Kohana based scripts like Menalto Gallery.

    Apache being as fast or faster than nginx for PHP: How much does that matter when using opcode cache and WordPress page caching?

  • If you have heavy PHP loads, my understanding is that LiteSpeed is the most adept in that area.

  • Apache 2.2/4 + NGINX has worked for me on extremely high load wordpress sites, with this and WPSC on the wordpress end the site went from 11.41ish cpu load(18 threads) to 0.21 with traffic.

  • @sleddog said:

    Don't overthink it.


  • fpm? =

  • @Dorkfiles said:
    fpm? =

    FastCGI Process Manager
  • @budi1413 said:


  • openlitespeed sounds interesting..any experiences with that?

    tutorials & rumblings on technology trends -

  • jarjar Provider

    @sleddog said:

    Don't overthink it.

    This right here. Honestly these days even a barely optimized LAMP is fine for just about anyone. This setup should cover a large chunk of what's left. Anyone who's needs aren't met by that is going to be putting their energy into load balancing rather than web server tweaking.

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  • Or both...

  • eva2000eva2000 Member
    edited September 2013

    @Microlinux said:
    If you have heavy PHP loads, my understanding is that LiteSpeed is the most adept in that area.

    Very much true for very high concurrency PHP related loads.. i'm talking 14,000+ php requests/s loads !

    For OpenLiteSpeed check out

    Just started work on Apache 2.4 and OpenLiteSpeed integration into Centmin Mod Nginx installer. From initial tests with low concurrency with Apache 2.4 event mpm + php-fpm, php performance is nearly on par with Nginx + php-fpm. Apache 2.4 event mpm + php-fpm is ~10% slower for php side.

    But Nginx static files is still a good 40+ % better in Nginx vs Apache 2.4 event mpm. OpenLiteSpeed like LiteSpeed enterprise for static performance is already as good as Nginx

    * Centmin Mod Project (HTTP/2 support + ngx_pagespeed + Nginx Lua + Vhost Stats)
    * Centmin Mod LEMP Stack Quick Install Guide
  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    Personally I like Apache, if you can do the tuning it will perform very good.

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