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speed test - need your help
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speed test - need your help


I have ordered a server from yesterday, and I got it a few hours ago.
Unfortunately the speed from my home internet connection is very slow.

The server is located in their DC in europe.

It will help me if you can download one of my test files and post the result.



Also please tell me in which country you live and what your normal connection speed is. ;)



  • BogdacutuuBogdacutuu Member
    edited September 2013

    ~1MB/s from my home connection in Romania (20Mbps)
    57MB/s from my OVH dedi in France (200Mbps - wat?)

  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited September 2013

    Amsterdam, NL on 1Gbps

    2013-09-08 23:08:11 (57.0 MB/s) - `1gb.test' saved [1073741824/1073741824]

    Patrick | INIZ
  • IshaqIshaq Member, Provider


    It's probably 200Mbps guaranteed, 1Gbps shared or something like that.

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  • PcJamesyPcJamesy Member
    edited September 2013

    United States

    Home Pa - less then 1Mbps

    Chicagovps - 73 Mbps

    Fliphost (Dallas)- 86 Mbps

  • (37.9 MB/s) - `1gb.test' from torqhost @ Estonia

  • matthewvzmatthewvz Member, Provider
    edited September 2013

    11 MB/s (100Mbit port, OVH Canada)

    3 Mbps (RamNode in Atlanta)

  • ahmiqahmiq Member
    edited September 2013

    6.4 MB/s - Germany 100mbit port
    16.8M/s - UK @ 1 gig port

  • Maximum_VPSMaximum_VPS Member
    edited September 2013

    8.30MB/s From our node in LA (1Gbps)

    512KB/s To business line in Seattle area (35mbps)

  • chrispchrisp Member
    edited September 2013

    55Mbyte/s from Germany, Providerservice vps (1gbit shared)

    5,4 Mbyte/s from my home connection in Germany (50Mbit)

    15,4Mbyte/s from London, LDEX DC (1gbit shared)

    29,6Mbyte/s from Netherlands, Ramnode (1gbit shared)

    So that's pretty good I think

  • i get 17.4Mbps out of a possible 18.2Mbps at home (21Mbps Sync)
    23Mbps from a server in france.

    the server appears to be in germany

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  • boerndboernd Member
    edited September 2013

    Thanks everyone for your help.
    More tests are appreciated ;)

    @TarZZ92 said:

    the server appears to be in germany

    No, their DC is in Straßbourg in France.

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