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In this Discussion Seattle IP Changes 10 Dec Seattle IP Changes 10 Dec

FrankZFrankZ Member
edited December 2017 in Providers

This is regarding the Fiberhub/Versaweb folks, not Bradler & Krantz GmbH & Co. (

I logged in to the client panel at to find this email sent by UltraVPS on Nov 30th, that I did not receive. The affected service I have with them is in their Seattle location. I am posting this in case others may not know that their IPs may change in about 5 days.

Dear Customer,

Due to some upcoming changes to our network, we are assigning new IP addresses to all servers in the location where your VPS is hosted. To view your new assigned IPs, you can either log in to our customer portal at or log in to our VPS control panel at Please note that while your IPs are fully usable now, you will still need to update your operating system to use the new IP addresses. Please note that we expect your old IP addresses to be inactive within the next 10 days, so please do not delay in making the necessary configuration changes.

We do apologize for any inconvenience, and we look forward to continuing to serving you.

Regards, UltraVPS Support

The new IPs were already assigned to my VPS in SolusVM and there was no issue changing them out.

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  • I almost said WTF, but after re-read again thats not

    We only support unsupported OS!

  • sibaper said: I almost said WTF, but after re-read again thats not

    I made some adjustments to make that more clear.

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  • gianggiang Member
    edited December 2017

    I got an email about migration to NVMe server, my KVM VPS is about 3 years old. It's 512MB RAM, 2 IPs and 10 USD per year :D

    No IP changed on my VPSes. - Comodo PositiveSSL from $7 per year! - 512MB, 200GB HDD, 10TB BW for $5 USD - Order via my aff link!

  • FrankZFrankZ Member
    edited December 2017

    They used to be around LET back in 2014-5 and have great specials like 70% off. (Hint, hint @Rob_T )
    Mine is very fast, 900+ MB/s, 3k+ iops.

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  • Nice of them to handle migrations.

    I came here expecting drama.

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