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Price of domain with Googel standart 2000 user
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Price of domain with Googel standart 2000 user

ranieranie Member

I got my hands on a domain with a 2000 user Googel standart licens. I dont really need 2000 user so i am thinking on selling the domain. what price should I target ?


  • udkudk Member

    If someone really needs 2000 accounts they are not going to buy it from you. There are simply better/safer ways to go about such things.

    I'd value it at the cost of renewal for the domain - unless of course it's a nice domain.

  • you should also ask about the price of a new keyboard

  • @udk So basically you say it is worthless. I know thats not true.

  • I'd say $7

  • @Bogdacutuu I am not trying to sell the domain on LET. So as far as i know the $7 rule do not apply for my post.

  • udkudk Member

    @ranie It's worthless to anyone wanting that many accounts. I don't believe any serious business would pay you money to potentially have their accounts removed if it were found out it was resold. Have you asked Google if it's ok to resell a service they provide you for free? Just because they are a huge company doesn't mean it's allowed.

  • @udk Read the post. I am not selling/reselling the googel servics. I am selling a domain.
    Googel have no problem with that even if the domain happens to include apps licenes

  • SpiritSpirit Disabled

    I saw at eBay offers in 300 - 500$ price range. This one with 500 users was sold at LET auction for 51$: and here you see offers in 200$ - 300$ range for domain with 1000 GApps users

    And don't forget - you always sell DOMAIN (which happen to have 2000 GApps users) not Google Apps account itself as this is against their TOS.

  • udkudk Member

    @ranie What's the domain name? Would like to know what any prospective business would be using as their (primary domain) email address - yes I know you can add additional domains, but the primary domain is still used extensively.

    For the record, it's spelt "Google"

  • @spirit Thank you for a very useful comment. Yes i know if i sell it will be the domain.

  • @udk For the record, I know it is Google. I am just a very bad typist :-)

    As far as i know you dont need to use the primary domain to anything other then licens holding. At least not taking mail.

    The only thing i am aware of you can not do with a add on domain is URL shortcuts.
    But i might be wrong.

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