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    [Cloudive] - Choopa, NJ - 2GB KVM VPS with 15GB SSD for $7/month
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    [Cloudive] - Choopa, NJ - 2GB KVM VPS with 15GB SSD for $7/month

    serverianserverian Member
    edited August 2013 in Offers

    The Plan

    2vCPU (Westmere X5650)
    2GB Memory
    15GB SSD
    1TB Traffic Limit
    1Gbps Port
    1 IP Address
    KVM/Custom Panel
    Choopa, NJ (via ColoCrossing)

    Order here:

    The Tests

    Location: Piscataway, NJ (Choopa - ColoCrossing)  
    Test IP:  
    Test File:  

    The TOS tl;dr

    Anything allowed except Public Proxies, TOR, Torrents, Email Marketing

    Cheap VPS - VPSDime


    • Own images allowed? | UK XEN VPS from £2 | See their special offers starting from 12£/year here

    • @trexos said:
      Own images allowed?


      Cheap VPS - VPSDime

    • Are game servers allowed ?

    • mawrmawr Member

      @shrubbles said:
      Are game servers allowed ?

      "You can run anything except except Warez, Torrents, TOR and Game Servers. "

    • jcalebjcaleb Moderator

      Nice, 2GB kvm leb broken now

    • LinuxNewbLinuxNewb Member
      edited August 2013

      Prices for space upgrades?
      Can you offer more non ssd storage instead?

      Also regarding the custom iso. Do you allow windows if I have my own licence?

    • @LinuxNewb, We have a 50GB non SSD storage plan in Chicago. PM me to order.

      Yes, we allow windows.

      Cheap VPS - VPSDime

      1. How much is extra 10 gb ssd space?

      2. Price for extra ipv4?

      My list of reliable providers :
      Ramnode : HostHatch : Dediserve : Serverica : GBServe : HostDoc : OnePoundWebHosting : Vultr : Few more under testing!

    • @niceboy, $4 per 10GB SSD
      $1.5 per IPv4

      Cheap VPS - VPSDime

    • JackJack Member, Provider

      How many nodes do you have for this plan? Do you have any uptime stats for them for past 30 days?

      RIPE NCC member | Contact me for IPv4 & IPv6 & ASN

    • Is it still alive?


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