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HostGliders can't read the rules and doesn't care
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HostGliders can't read the rules and doesn't care

HostGlidersHostGliders Member
edited November 2017 in Shared Hosting Offers

We are HostGliders and we've just been banned from LET.

HostGliders:::Your Best Hosting partner


  • jarjar Provider
    edited November 2017

    Please link directly to orders. If you only link people to a page listing your packages, all packages listed are considered to be posted, and not all of them meet the requirements to be listed here.

    Edit: nevermind, recurring trend, warned previously. Banned.

    Thanked by 2MasonR coreflux
  • Someone with "gliders" in his name sure sounds fishy to me.

  • They've done this HOW many times now? Kind of a shame, because they are one of the providers I shamed into responding here once in awhile.

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