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Does anybody has problems with Cvps payments?
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Does anybody has problems with Cvps payments?

ScienceOnlineScienceOnline Member
edited November 2017 in General

Every time I pay an invoice payment goes through but invoice remain "unpaid" and I have to contact support, I asked to support if it's just me or not but they didn't answered about that.
In the last two days I paid two invoices and for one of them it was solved very quickly, the other one is still "unpaid".
With "every time" I literally mean that every time I renewed my services with them I had to contact support, I have services with them since three years ago and I pay with paypal.

Is anybody else experiencing the same issue?

I wanna say that with vps that I have with them I have no problem at all.

This is not a drama, just asking...


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