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cheap scalable cloud vps with WP upgradable to a cheap dedicated server without major hassle
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cheap scalable cloud vps with WP upgradable to a cheap dedicated server without major hassle

thevpsguythevpsguy Member
edited November 2017 in Help

A WordPress developer here who works on Windows only environment and never setup a WordPress on a VPS before.

I am about to launch a new site and want to be open for upgrade to a vps with higher specs or a dedicated server if it gets high traffic.

I am in the research phase now. I need help in finding a cheap cloud VPS with one-click WordPress install that is scalable even to a cheap dedicated server later. Essentially I want to stay at the same place throughout and don't want to migrate or migrate very easily (pausing instance and upgrading, creating snapshot, etc, something like that)

Let me know if you know any or some such services. Cheers. :)


  • ztecztec Member
    edited November 2017

    AWS / Google Compute.

    I used DigitalOcean in the past but their IPs open you up to a lot more trouble than with any other host.

    You can even setup a decent WP install on AWS with the free tier, they have tutorials on how to do that on their own website.

    This might not be within your knowledge, in that case: wait for offers here.

    You can spam me with any yearly shared hosting deal.

  • Vult and DO both have specialized High RAM/CPU instances as well as one-click WP install feature. I believe you could also use one of so called Jelastic cloud providers.

  • Hello,

    Please have a look to our WordPress solutions page.
    We sell a WordPress managed server there.

    Thomas - Community manager -

    hyperv vps /-/ xen cloud vm /-/ dedicated servers

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