2 x Hetzner EX-41S-SSD available for transfer - Just $10
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2 x Hetzner EX-41S-SSD available for transfer - Just $10

windytime90windytime90 Member
edited November 2017 in General


We have 2 x Hetzner EX-41S-SSD for transfer. The specification is below:

  • CPU = Intel i7 7700

  • RAM = 64 GB

  • Disk: 2 x 250 SSD GB Each

  • IP : 1

  • Bandwidth: 30T/mo. They claim that their servers come with unlimited bandwidth but they will cap your connection to 10M if you use more than 30T. Bandwidth remaining this month: ~28T.

  • Location : Hetzner FSN1-DC8

  • Renewal price: €39 each month ~ $45.

  • Hetzner setup price: €79 ~ $92

  • Both servers have duedate on 2017-Nov-17.

  • Price for transfer: $10 each, you will save $92 setup fee of Hetzner.

  • Payments can be made via Paypal or Bitcoin.

For those who is curious about our project. We are researching how to passthrough single Intel Integrated Graphic card to multiple VMs running OSX/Android on Proxmox. Unfortunately, the project failed and we cannot afford for these servers.

Thank you.


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