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    [Arch] - PHP 5.5 available in the [extra] repository
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    [Arch] - PHP 5.5 available in the [extra] repository

    For those who are not on the mailing list but do have an Arch Linux VPS:

      Pierre Schmitz wrote:
      PHP 5.5 is finally available in our [extra] repository. The [migration guide][1]
      includes information about changes from version 5.4; a detailed list can be
      found in the [PHP Changelog][2].
      The APC package will be replaced by [APCu][3]. APCu only provides user data
      caching. For opcode caching use the new [opcache][4] extension. Alternatively we
      provide a development version of [XCache][5] which includes both, an opcode and
      user data cache.
      Most applications will run without modifications, but watch out for [deprecation
      warnings][6] that fill up your log files.
      arch-announce mailing list
      [email protected]
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