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Hello guys,

has anyone of you used Scaleway for downloading and uploading stuff to Gdrive/ACD?

I would like to use it with Jdownloader/Pyload for OCH but not sure if they care users doing stuff like that or not.

Any experiences over here?


  • i a server running @ scaleway where im very happy with. but for your use idk

    im getting an ok speed.

    |post4vps| for a free vps for your developement| me |

  • Yeah, I have been trying it out for the last two weeks and running Plex + Rclone was no problem at all even with the smallest VPS.

    Speeds are pretty decent, I would say!

  • Plex and rclone work perfect. I uploaded over 1Tb on Google drive...

  • @spywork, you uploaded your stuff using a Scaleway server?

  • spyworkspywork Member
    edited October 2017

    Yes. Downloaded with rutorrent and uploaded with rclone or browser to gdrive. No problem with bandwidth or server stability. I try hetzner and work well with 1gbit connection but received one dmca for use public tracker. With scaleway nothing and same public tracker.

  • Sound good! What plan are you using on Scaleway (VPS/Dedi)?

  • Also interested in which plan your using, can you also tell me how many users you were able to manage on plex at a time.

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