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How much would you pay for this?
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How much would you pay for this?

YmpkerYmpker Member
edited October 2017 in General

Hello everyone,

How much would you pay for the following?

  • cPanel Shared Host (2gb ram; intended for casual usage or ppl who are not necessarily techy) OR custom ovz/lxc container with a preinstalled software stack as per your choice (2gb ram)

  • 20GB Nvme SSD Disk Space

  • BW unmetered

  • Anti DDoS

  • Ticket Support

  • On Call Support for free (only few hours per day though. except for emergencies)

  • Free Daily Backups accessible by FTP (mirrored to 4 locations)

  • Location: Europe (OVH Germany)

Just asking for some Feedback :)


  • perryoo11perryoo11 Member
    edited October 2017

    i would pay arround 3 - 6$ a month or 60$ a year for this

    |post4vps| for a free vps for your developement| me |

  • @perryoo11 said: i would pay arround 3 - 6$ a month or 60$ a year for this

    I'm currently charging 5€/mo for half the disk space and paid Support but given this is LET I guess this is to be expected :P Well I recently decided that I'll be catering to the german audience only as of September 20th so this is really just to get some idea^^ And perhaps there will be german LET members interested (one never knows). My move to the german audience was due to some more reasons than that though. I still do low price offers :D

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