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[ESX(i)] Create your own private network with Windows
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[ESX(i)] Create your own private network with Windows

So, a few days ago I wanted to create a private network on my dedicated ESX Server. I needed some virtual machines to have internet (in my case: for capturing desktops). They didn't need a public IP-address, so I wanted a virtual network.

ESXi doesn't have their own private networks. Some others use pfSense for it, but I couldn't manage to create one. It's probably because's netmask ( is a bit uncommon.

If you have the same problem, here's the workaround:

1) Login to ESXi, and head over to the system's configuration tab.
2) Now click 'Networking' on the left tab.
3) Add a new network by clicking 'Add Network'
4) Now you may choose between 'Virtual Machine' or 'VMKernel'. What you might want to do, is choose 'Virtual Machine'.
5) Choose to 'create a vSphere standard switch'. Name it 'WAN'

Great, now that is done, we just create a new Virtual Machine. I am using Windows 7 on it. Go to your Virtual Machines' properties, and assign 2 virtual NICs to the machine.

The first NIC should have the networklabel: 'Virtual Machine Network'
The second NIC should have the networklabel: 'WAN'.

Now power on your machine. This machine should have a public IP and an internetconnection. With, just fill in your IP information, such as IP, netmask (probably, gateway ( and DNS server ( Then go to Properties and click the sharing tab. Check on: 'Accept other computers to share my internet connection'. Now the NIC which is pointing to networklabel WAN, will share internet into the WANlabel.

Okay. Now, create a second VPS. It should have one NIC, pointing to WAN. It has its own DHCP and so, you should automatically get an IP-address. You don't? Then most likely, your IP is, your netmask is, your gateway is, and at, your DNS is

Now you have your own working LAN. Why should you use difficult codes on Linux if you can just click and build your own network?

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