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Would it start to lag?
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Would it start to lag?

I am running some game servers on my linux VPS.if the VPS starts using the Swap or VSwap would thing start to lag? whats actually happening when the VPS starts using the Swap or VSwap ?


  • I never had any issues with lag when the server is using swap

  • It means data is received (and written) from the hdd instead of the RAM memory, same as Joodle I never had any problems using vswap. Ofcourse 100% swap and memory usage isn't good and it will start lagging. - Server and website monitoring. Free to use!

  • I have a 512MB VPS with 512MB Swap. When my css server is idle, it only needs about 60MB Ram and 60MB Swap. When a few people join, it changes to more Ram and less Swap. I think thats good. | UK XEN VPS from £2 | See their special offers starting from 12£/year here

  • perennateperennate Member, Provider

    vSwap isn't that slow, anyway more used memory will be the one that needs to be accessed more often.

  • AmfyAmfy Member


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