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    ★Host4Fun★ - Cheap Windows & Linux VPS 16loc (SG,LA,PHX,ASH,ATL,NY,DAL,CHI,OR,NL,RS,DE,FR,PL,CA).
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    ★Host4Fun★ - Cheap Windows & Linux VPS 16loc (SG,LA,PHX,ASH,ATL,NY,DAL,CHI,OR,NL,RS,DE,FR,PL,CA).

    RIYADRIYAD Member, Provider
    edited September 2017 in Offers

    At HOST4FUN.COM we offer cheap and budget web hosting and VPS services.We are legally registered company under QuadSpark IT Solutions Private Limited.

    We offer KVM and OpenVZ Virtual Machine from over 16 different locations. Locations :
    Sinagpore , Los Angeles ,Atlanta, Ashburn, Chicago , Phoenix ,Lenoir, New York, Dallas , Oregon , Canada , Netherlands, France , Germany , Poland , Serbia!

    2GB RAM KVM VPS Offer :
    2GB Ram
    2xCPU (Shared)
    100GB HDD
    1TB Bandwidth
    1Gbps Port Speed
    1 IPv4
    Virtualizor Control Panel
    Self-Managed Service
    Price : $7/months
    Locations Available for Order :
    Los Angeles | Phoenix | Ashburn | Atlanta | Chicago | Buffalo | Dallas | Canada
    Netherlands | Germany | Poland | France
    Singapore & Serbia (80GB HDD & 400GB Bandwidth)

    Canada NVMe SSD KVM VPS :

    512MB Ram DDR4
    1 vCPU @ 3.80Ghz (Shared)
    7GB NVMe SSD
    1 IP
    $7/Quarterly ($2.33/m)
    Order Link

    1GB Ram DDR4
    ¼ vCPU CORE @ 3.80Ghz (Dedicated)
    15GB NVMe SSD
    1 IP
    $13.50/Quarterly ($4.5/m)
    Order Link

    256MB Ram OpenVZ Offer:
    256MB Ram
    1xCPU 5GB HDD
    100GB BW
    Linux OS
    Price : $7/yearly
    Order : Dallas

    We also have page where we put offers from time to time for LET users :

    Test IPs for ping/file download can be found here :

    Some of the VPS comes with free DDoS Protection
    Los Angeles : 3Gbps DDOS Protection .
    Phoenix, AZ : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    Ashburn, VA : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    Atlanta, GA : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    Singapore, SG : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    Belgrade, RS : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    Amsterdam, NL : 20Gbps DDOS Protection.
    France , Canada , Poland : Basic DDOS Protection by OVH .
    Germany : Basic DDOS Protection by Hetzner/OVH/MyLoc.

    If you have any questions , please do send an email at : [email protected] .

    DeployNode - 1GB Ram , 20GB Storage , 1xCPU , 1TB BW ,Price :$1/month !


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