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    SERVEYOURSITE VPS ★ 3 GB RAM ★ 40 GB SSD Disk ★ SSD Powered
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    SERVEYOURSITE VPS ★ 3 GB RAM ★ 40 GB SSD Disk ★ SSD Powered

    LoreSYSLoreSYS Member, Provider
    edited September 2017 in Offers

    ServeYourSite is serious about providing you with the highest performing VPS in the entire web hosting industry. This means that our highly trained engineers have tweaked, tuned, tested, and re-tweaked our Linux and Windows VPS until they are some of the fastest at a remarkable value.

    Our VPS are based on KVM Technology! These servers are bundled with great features and 24/7Support. These VPS are the next generation of server hosting, providing the power of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of shared hosting. Plus, ServeYourSite VPS are fully managed, and our technicians are available within seconds of contact ready to take any amount of time necessary to go the extra mile.

    Take a look at our Exclusive LET Offer

    SSD Starter Linux VPS

    • 3 Gb Ram

    • 2 Core CPU

    • 40 Gb SSD

    • RAID10 Space

    • 6000 Gb Enhanced Bandwidth Gigabit Redundant Uplink

    • 1 IPV4/IPV6 IP Allocation

    • Hardware Firewall

    • DDoS Protection

    • Global IPS Available

    • Latest Linux OS

    • Cpanel/Plesk

    • Control Panel Option

    • Expedited Setup

    • Use Promotional Code LET

    • $6.99/month

    ORDER NOW!!!

    Network Info:
    Datacenter Name – Whitelabelitsolutions

    150 Atlantic Street
    2nd floor Hackensack NJ 07601

    Test IPv4:

    Test file:

    – 2 Core CPU

    – 3GB RAM

    – 40 Gb SSD

    – Hardware RAID10

    – 1Gbps uplink

    Serveyoursite-Web Hosting Done Right


    • Wow,smells like WHT offer.

    • One whole penny under the maximum offer! So you get CPanel or Plesk, and a /128? You're too generous.

      I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

    • Mr. Persaud ??????

    • is cpanel free with vps?

      My list of reliable providers :
      Ramnode : HostHatch : Dediserve : Serverica : GBServe : HostDoc : OnePoundWebHosting : Vultr : Few more under testing!

    • LoreSYSLoreSYS Member, Provider

      @niceboy said:
      is cpanel free with vps?

      No sorry, but cPanel is available at an extra cost.

      Serveyoursite-Web Hosting Done Right

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