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IonSwitch, LLC ★ KVM ★ NVME SSD ★ Seattle, WA ★ Starting @ $4.50/mo ★ NVMEeeeeeeeee
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IonSwitch, LLC ★ KVM ★ NVME SSD ★ Seattle, WA ★ Starting @ $4.50/mo ★ NVMEeeeeeeeee

IonSwitchIonSwitch Member, Provider

Don't tell @IonSwitch_Stan, but I smuggled some NVME into our datacenter in a shiny new Dell R620. We've had some amazing feedback about the performance of our existing SSD offerings, lets see how folks like some real servers E5 based hosts. We're really proud of our new 10GB active/active core, and want to bring NVME to the Seattle area. We may have also accidentally bought a full rack, so hit us up if you need colo.

IonSwitch, LLC is an affordable quality host based in Seattle, WA. Our team of multiple professionals who are heavily experienced in the network and hosting field has provided private hosting to partners. We offer a fairly uncommon location in Seattle, WA (at least in the low-end space), with a focus on fully redundant enterprise hardware and a very premium network with multiple peering links into our edge, resulting in high-end reliability at a very competitive price. We operate our own BGP Network (AS395970), which consists of Telia, Spectrum (Wave Broadband), Cogent, Hurricane Electric, and direct peering with over 100+ providers, some prime examples being Google, Amazon, TELUS, Dropbox, Google, and many more!

Hypervisor Specs:

-2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 CPU
-128GB RAM
-2x1TB Samsung 960 EVOs
-10Gbps uplink

Sabey Intergate West - Seattle, WA, United States


-512MB RAM
-1x vCPU
-500GB Transfer
-1Gbps Uplink
-1x IPv4
-/64 IPv6
-Coupon: None needed!
-Order Link

-1x vCPU
-1TB transfer
-1Gbps uplink
-1x IPv4
-/64 IPv6
-Coupon: None needed!
-$45.00/year (2 Months Free)
-Order link

IonSwitch, LLC | VPS, Colocation, and Dedicated Servers | Seattle, WA
| AS16584 | Looking Glass | Email me! [email protected]

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