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ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

Im from Hungary , so its in the EU. I want server for hosting 4-5 gameserver.

Is it good? Ping etc? Test IP maybe? Test file?

30 EUR , Xeon E3 , and 8GB memory. No setup fee. Pay by paypal


  • Basic support take long..... no answer about weekends.

  • ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

    I tested the support , and it very great. But i need test IP and pings :)

  • Hey, I bought that server recently and this is what I had to say about them on another post today:

    I ordered that server from there was constant packetloss all the time around 10%-20% and then at once it peaked to 50% I emailed the datacenter for a refund but they said "But in the end of the month of july we change our road in the end of our datacenter. It's possible than you'll a better connection then." they also claimed it was a problem of my end of the traceroute but I tested services like just ping and all european countries were getting 10% packetloss. I canceled the order and paypal agreement and refused to pay the next month since they wouldn't cancel or refund me. the failover ips were also not working correctly, bad experience for me there so probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • try this.

  • ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

    Hm. Okay

  • ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

    The ping is not bad. 72MS

  • yeah like i said look here

    result for that ping look at the packetloss, ur customers will not like that for gameservers the quality is poor guess they didn't "change their road"

  • @pkr5770: I ran the same test you did, on the same website. Here it didn't have any package loss, at all. At the results.

  • pkr5770pkr5770 Member
    edited August 2013

    @DennisdeWit said:
    pkr5770: I ran the same test you did, on the same website. Here it didn't have any package loss, at all. At the results.

    Yeah running it now I see that it is "okay" but I ran a voice server with on that server for a couple days and i was getting constant 8% packetloss, don't get me wrong I could have just had a bad experience but I left them since they were having those problems.

  • 72 ms ping from hungary to france or anywhere in EU is bad, trust me.

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  • ZweiTigerZweiTiger Member, Provider

    would you suggest another host just like this price in EU? 33 eur max budget

  • SpiritSpirit Disabled

    @ZweiTiger said:
    The ping is not bad. 72MS

    From Hungary? It should be half less.

  • I just signed up for a Dedibox SC - and bear with me, as I'm kinda new at this....

    Euro 9.99 a month, pro rata billed to the start of next month, 2 Euro.

    For that I've got a Via NANO 1.6GHz, 2Gb RAM, and 500GB of what they describe as Hybrid SSD space - which I think means is a 500GB (maybe desktop) HDD with some kind of SSD fetch cache or something. I wasn't looking for massive spec, just something I could play with, and maybe run a couple of appliances on. 1GB/sec, guaranteed 100mb/sec.

    I really figured for a Ten Euro a month, it wasn't a lot to lose. And if it sucks, it's only a few Euro. Okay, so a little Franglais in the language, but nothing you can't understand. No issue on sign up, other than I "ordered" then had to create an account....then found I hadn't ordered - so had to order over.

    The server was delivered in 4 minutes flat. I was able to access the control panel, choose an install (Proxmox in this case), complete the install, get all the records I needed, IP etc., and now, 15 minutes into the game, I have full access to my Proxmox admin panel.

    So far so good. For a basic budget Dedi, I'm impressed so far at the delivery. Yeah, I realise it's all automated, but then, so apparently...should OVH be and like most of us I'm still waiting for them to deliver a week (yeah I know back of the queue) later.

    Ultimately I only want to run something like SugarCRM on this one, so it's got a mountain of room for that, and probably a few other things too. I'm willing to go with the very limited support, as so long as I can reach my account, I can crash the thing and reinstall with no issue. The account interface - server management seems very straightforward.

    So far, very impressed, and you know, yes, they're French - so are OVH - opposite ends of the service spectrum so far.

    Oh well, off to play at being a sysadmin now.... :D .. .yeah baby, I'm all growed up with my first Dedi.

  • @accordfire Are you French as well?

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  • @accordfire Does IP address start with 213.xx?

  • @joelgm - no, not French, UK :)

    @zidit, no - 88.

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited August 2013

    @accordfire Then how did you get a 500 GB disk? From their ordering panel foreigners only get 160 GB, no?

  • @rm - yes, I noticed that too - my bad for going with the front page spec and not checking further, but yes, to confirm the HDD is only 160Gb in my set up. Only latterly noticed. Even so, it should do for the mess I'm making of things already :)

  • I've had a dedicated server with Online.NET. When I complained about packet loss, they told me I'm having routing issues myself. All my visitors had the same packet loss. So I tried to make a decent report which states that Proxad causes the loss.

    When I asked them if they could take a look at it, they told me they're not Harry Potter waving with their magic wand. After a week, I still did not get any reply on my ticket. They responded when it was too late.

    I ran into an offer at WHT from the guys from Swiftway. A 36 EUR dedicated server. Unlimited bandwith, 100MB/s up and down. 500 GB harddisk, 4x 3.2 GHz processor and 16GB RAM. They delivered it on Friday, and I'm happily running my dedicated server. Without hiccups or annoying buffers.

  • I never used them, but I saw some people complain about packet loss, there are some threads on this forum about that.

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