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[WTB] yearly US-based VPS [LA, AZ, TX]
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[WTB] yearly US-based VPS [LA, AZ, TX]

a2razora2razor Member
edited September 2017 in Requests

The request:

budget: ~180$ (on a yearly commitment) -- to 250$ *max* (as past here I'd consider NFO)
Virtualization: XEN / KVM

RAM: 4+ GB

vcores: 2+ (3-4 preferred: fair-share is OK, yet occasional bursts have to be allowed)

IPv4: 2+ [3 preferred] -- will provide justification of course

Disk Space: 200+GB RAID10 (eg, 150 won't suffice: can also be HDD's w/ a promise the node won't be slammed / oversold -- would need some details on node-density)

BW Quota: >= 5TB (preferably DDoS protection of some kind on "one" IP)

Port Speed: 1gbit+ burstable

Location: LA, AZ, TX (ideally LA or AZ)

-Ability to set rDNS & to do outbound SMTP on "one" of the IP's [meaning I need at least one "clean-IP"]
^ Stipulations like paying a fine **IF** the IP has to be cleaned up after use is OK. (won't be used for marketing)

I'm aware that what I'm asking is probably on the 'edge' for this type of a budget... However there are alot of "still-active" LET / LEB promotions that are very similar for a good chunk less. (just without multiple IP's or 50GB shy in storage space)

--Might be willing to negotiate up slightly in cost of course (won't go over 250$), also won't complain if what I'm asking is exceeded (more is always better, heh). I'm looking for a provider to be in with for the long-term.

That said: look forward to seeing what you guys can offer! Cheers!

Suppose stating my usage would help give an idea what I'm looking for. (whoops)

  • A website, forums, email (eg, iredmail), "private" code-repo & ownCloud, payment portal, and a software registration system.

Something like NFO-Servers (not on LET) would be perfect if not for that they're sold as "bundled units" where resources cannot be separated.
[wind up with excessive disk space, bandwidth, etc, at significantly over-budget]


  • a2razora2razor Member
    edited September 2017

    Check our Enterprise KVM

    I can upgrade disk to 200GB (RAID5).

    Hey there, thanks for the link and storage upgrade offer. Appreciate it!

    Took a look over your TOS, pricing, and location (looks like Fremont, CA). That said, Fremont is absolutely close-enough for a location, I do see there's a minimum CPU performance guarantee as well (very nice).

    -From the TOS' statement on DDoS and the quick glance through the site, I'm assuming that this wouldn't include DDoS filtering. Unless that's what the VPS 'firewall' feature is, yet I'm guessing that's a CP user-configurable upstream firewall.

    Sadly whenever adding extra IP's, etc, to the price, even with the free +100GB upgrade to the plan .. that's moving in to NFO's price-bracket (past the 250$ mark). While this is of course at the 8GB RAM mark (higher spec machine wise), I think this might be a bit too high for me unless it included DDoS protection.

    For instance, at the comparable price-range NFO would have: (on their 3 core plan, +1GB added)

    3 dedicated HT-cores
    -4GB of RAM-
    300 GB of RAID-protected storage
    18000 GB of Internap bandwidth
    NFO's inhouse DDoS filtering
  • SSDBlazeSSDBlaze Member, Provider

    We can do a KVM VPS with 4GB RAM, 4 cores, 200GB RAID1 Storage, 3 IPs, 5TB Bandwidth on a 1Gbps Port, hosted out of Dallas, TX, USA for $200 per year. We can create this VPS for you and let you test performance before you buy.

    Reach out to me via PM for this offer.

    Thanked by 1a2razor
  • Just want to thank everyone so far who's made an offer to me.

    I love reading through them, especially seeing those providers that I've seemingly overlooked until now. Pretty much can promise that if you take the time to post, I will be taking the time to read through your offers, websites, TOS, etc, and to respond to each and every-one of them either via PM or here.

    I'll be making a decision of where I wind up moving to within a day.
    -Thanks again all!

    Thanked by 1SSDBlaze
  • UltraVPSUltraVPS Member, Provider

    Hi @a2razor,

    we can offer the following in Dallas and Los Angeles:


    • 4 GB RAM (Registered ECC)
    • 4 CPU cores
    • 200 GB RAID-10 SAS storage
    • 5 TB monthly transfer
    • 1 IPv4 address
    • 10 IPv6 addresses (from your own /64 IPv6 subnet)
    • Contract term: 1 month

    20.00 EUR per month incl. 19% VAT (16.80 EUR/19.82 USD excl. VAT)

    >> Further Information <<

    Looking glasses

    Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected] - KVM Virtual Servers starting from 2 EUR/m

  • bersybersy Member
    edited September 2017

    SpeedyKVM offers 4GB, 200GB SSD RAID10, 8TB BW KVM VPS for $20/m in TX. Extra IP is $2/m. They might have some discount coupons available @SpeedyKVM_Ryan


    Thanked by 1key900
  • a2razora2razor Member
    edited September 2017

    To keep the thread updated, I received many good offers (by PM's in addition to the thread). Thanks again all!

    I've decided to go with SSDBlaze (in Dallas) coupled with Frantech's DDoS mitigation.

    That said and for everyone reading, I do feel that I need to mention NodeBlade here too. NodeBlade gave me a VERY similarly spec'd and price'd offer (which included DDoS protection to boot) in Atlanta.

    -In this case I was looking for closer to West-Coast though, and thus went with SSDBlaze due to SSDBlaze's plans for expansion out even closer this way in the future .. yet NodeBlade's offer was also fantastic and definitely deserves mention.

    Thanked by 1NodeBlade
  • Generally offers sent via PM are frowned upon, for what it's worth. Especially if they're lacking a "Provider" tag.

  • a2razora2razor Member
    edited September 2017

    Generally offers sent via PM are frowned upon, for what it's worth.

    Suppose that makes sense from a community standpoint. That is, so that everyone can see the offers far as others wanting similar. In this case I think the reason for it was just due to differing from what was asked. (so as to not litter the thread / go off-topic)

    Especially if they're lacking a "Provider" tag.

    Fortunately everyone that messaged was a provider and tagged as such on LET. :)

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