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Looking for a VPS
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Looking for a VPS

curiositycuriosity Member
edited September 2017 in Requests


I'm looking for a VPS to run my Node.js application. The application I'm going to run visits some websites (some local newspapers, to be specific), scrapes some data -not heavily, though- and runs some database operations. It's not going to be a live website and it won't be operational 24 hours a day, so it won't consume a lot of bandwidth / resources constantly.

I need the following,

  • Min 1 GB ram
  • Min 1 CPU
  • Linux (CentOS 6+ is fine), I should be able to reinstall it for free using the control panel.
  • Min 500 GB bandwidth / month

Preferred locations : Europe in general (Netherlands, Germany, France, etc)

Budget : $10/month

If I like the service, I'll order another one to run the database only.



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