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    Looking for $1-2 VPS
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    Looking for $1-2 VPS

    Hey everyone,

    Looking for a $1-2 VPS in North America. Preferred 256mb ram, but can live with 128.

    • Linux Based
    • Allows me to reset the VM with a fresh image install from Control Panel



    • qtwrkqtwrk Member
      edited September 2017

      maybe bandwagonhost(aff link) ?
      if you do annually , it fits your budget.

      $2.99 USD Monthly
      $6.99 USD Quarterly
      $11.99 USD Semi-Annually
      $19.99 USD Annually
      SSD: 10 GB RAID-10
      RAM: 512 MB
      CPU: 1x Intel Xeon
      Transfer: 1000 GB/mo
      Link speed: 1 Gigabit
      Location: Los Angeles (no other locations available on this plan)
      Direct route via China Telecom and China Unicom
      VPS technology: OpenVZ/KiwiVM
      OS: 32 or 64 bit Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora
      Instant OS reload
      IPv4: 1 dedicated address
      IPv6 support: Yes
      Full root access
      Instant RDNS update from control panel
      No contract, anytime cancellation
      Strictly self-managed, no support
      99.5% uptime guarantee

      netcup 5 euro coupon: 36nc15324722143 36nc15324722144

    • Before someone comments first.. @Virmach?

      These LEB specials seem to be still in stock

      Thanked by 1VirMach

      Are you looking for some textual fun?

    • @ramesh_vish that looks like a sweeet deal.

      Do they have a panel where I can reinstall the OS if I need to?

    • Sorry, I am not a customer (but I hear the provider being regarded highly here). Tagging the OP of the original post @Edmond, do you know?

      Are you looking for some textual fun?

    • EdmondEdmond Member without signature
      edited September 2017

      @ramesh_vish said:
      Sorry, I am not a customer (but I hear the provider being regarded highly here). Tagging the OP of the original post @Edmond, do you know?

      Virmach doesn't want deals no more, LET ones are all gone now..

      For LEB, aside from the 256MB OVZ one (seems to be most popular), they should be working, but I didn't check all of them, the other's pricing makes no sense anymore. Use LEB30 for 30% off, making a 128MB OVZ $5.25/year, 256MB OVZ $7/year, and 512MB OVZ at $1.75/mo. They are aff links, you'll find the ones that don't have aff attached to it on their website (aside from the 256MB one, idk y it doesn't exist on their site). I really would appreciate it if they were used, it doesn't cost you anything extra. :)

      As for panel, it's solusvm so it's the usual. They got CentOS 5,6,7, Debian 6,7,8, and Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 15.04, 16.04. Seems that they also got pre-made templates for certain things like a proxy or something like that. I could screenshot it if you want me to.

      Sorry it took a bit longer, went to this thread like five minutes later I got tagged but I had a hard time finding the welcome email, the username is completely random for solusvm....

    • perhaps this could help:
      panel using SolusVM with lots of Linux distro options, install and reinstall anytime.
      they also have managed vps (non-LEB) around your budget.
      been a couple year with them, great service and value for money.

    • I can recommend @Virmach

      I have tried their $1/mo VPS actually the plans differ a bit from their latest offer. I got 256MB, 500GB BW and a dedicated v4 with that $1.

      Thanked by 1VirMach
    • RadiRadi Member, Provider
      edited September 2017
      Cores: 2 Cores
      Ram: 256 MB RAM
      Disk Space: 10 GB RAID10 SSD
      Bandwidth: 512 GB @ 1 Gbit
      IP's: 1 IPv4
      Price: 1.50 EUR/month (Please open a ticket to get it modified to 1.00 EUR after order mentioning this tread. NOTE: Offer valid only for OP.)
      Virtualization: OpenVZ
      Location: Buffalo, USA

      4 GB RAM/90 GB SSD/4 TB Traffic/KVM/1 IPv4 for $7/mo only here with coupon code "LET-It-GO".

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