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CloudCone - Review
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CloudCone - Review

MikePTMikePT Member, Provider
edited August 2017 in Reviews

Hello folks,

I recently signed up for these guys, they seem to provide a REALLY, and I mean, a REALLY cheap cPanel license ($7 USD) per month.
I'm currently paying about $11 USD for:
1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD + cPanel license.

Now, my comments/review regarding their services:

  • Their support seems to work via livechat / using intercom, and seems to be nicely integrated.
    I've been using the service for a month only, hosting a small cPanel server there. They seem to be releasing new features every week, which is a good thing.

  • VPS seem to be deployed on a 1Gbps port, but limited to 100Mbps. As long as there's no abuse, I think it's okay to ask them to increase the port speed - I've done this and they have upgraded the port speed;

  • Datacenter seems to be MultaCom. Never heard of this Datacenter, but if their internal cPanel VPS licenses are so cheap... Then they're certainly big;

  • Support is prompt. I've received replies to my chats in mere minutes. They are friendly.

  • Ordered a Xen when I first signed up with them, then today asked them if I could switch to KVM, so I had to create a KVM VPS and they moved the IP, took them like 5 minutes to do this, so pretty good considering their price;

  • Network-wise, I didn't have enough time to test it properly yet. It does seem to have a good peering, but I am still testing it, and it takes time for El Cheapo to have his constructive opinion;

  • No downtime for a month, and I have been monitoring it, so, it's a good thing;

  • Their custom panel is beautifully designed, works really fast, they're recent, I'm sure they'll be implementing new stuff in the coming weeks;

  • They have an API, Docs at;

  • IO is fast, nodes run E5 2620, no idea for their HDD setup, looks like SAS at least, works fast enough. I did ask them if the CPU was dedicated, turns out it's fair-share, can't blame them considering the price.

To sum it up, if they had a referral program, I'd share my link so I could keep my cPanel for free for a few months. <3

Give these guys a try.


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