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    CyberPanel - Control Panel Based on OpenLiteSpeed [Updated!]
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    CyberPanel - Control Panel Based on OpenLiteSpeed [Updated!]

    cyberpersonscyberpersons Member
    edited September 2017 in General


    I hope everyone is good.

    For past few months, I was working on a control panel which purely uses LiteSpeed (open) as a web server. I choose openlitespeed because it supports Apache configurations.

    Some of the features are:

    Auto SSL.
    Controlling PHP from GUI based panel.

    Some screen shots:


    DNS Panel:

    Create Website:

    The panel also supports multiple levels of users, if anyone is interested to take an inside look and find some errors that would be great, you can post below, and I will create a reseller account. Which have almost all the features except it can not create another reseller.

    Login page can be found at

    There is still a lot to do.

    Edit: Any features requests would also be good.

    Thanks for reading. :)



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