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How To Restore Your Linux Server Password in OVH Or Hetzner
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How To Restore Your Linux Server Password in OVH Or Hetzner

are you loss your linux server root password and You can not log on to your server and your server in datacenter ovh or hetzner

don't worry

i will tell you step by step how to restore your root password ,

1- log into your datacenter control panel and boot your server in rescue mode

2- after your server booted see if your HDD is mounted or not (you can use df command)

3- if your HDD not mounted create new Directory and mount your / Partition

mkdir /root/myhdd

mount /dev/sda2 /root/myhdd

4- change you root directory

chroot /root/myhdd

5- Now You change your root Password :

passwd root

6- enter your new password and reboot server in normal mode

Have a Nice Day !

Thanked by 1PaddiM8

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  • It's not always /dev/sda2 - also, I'd expect somebody with a dedicated server to know this (and to not 'forget' their root password either, honestly.)

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