123reg reputable?
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123reg reputable?

MultiMulti Member

Hey guys,

im currently looking for a registrar for my .eu domain. According to domcomp.com 123reg.co.uk is the cheapest one. But I never have heard of this company. Can I trust them? If I google them I find several bad reviews.



  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider
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    they used to be good for price not anymore, try ovh.co.uk as you will find better price

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  • hanoihanoi Member

    Yep. They are one of biggest Tucow reseller, operation more than 15 years, very popular in UK

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  • They're good, I have 70+ .ME domains and everything works fine. I had to ask support to unlock the domains in order to change the nameservers. Not sure if that is with .ME domains or with all others.

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  • you can trust them. 123reg is owned by Host Europe. Host Europe is owned by godaddy.

  • hanoihanoi Member

    But they seem banned 3rd country.

  • JamesKJamesK Member
    edited July 18

    123-reg.co.uk is very popular name in the UK as well as trusted name in people for domain registrar. You can trust it but still if you are not comfortable you can go with other domain registrar too. Checkout popular domain registrar list https://businesskitbag.com/c/domain-names/

  • ricardoricardo Member

    Trustworthy, the only crime they're guilty of is a bit of upselling.

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