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Mailman: 150k users ?
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Mailman: 150k users ?

Hi, one customer wants to configure lists with 150.000 users. What limitations should I face with cpanel and mailman ? any tips ? should we use a dedicated server / IP ?


  • KeyJeyKeyJey Member

    Sorry, I think I used wrong forum, should we move this post to "help" ?

  • Spam for one thing possibly. You may need to setup 2 servers one for website and one for mail server. Then you can run a dedicated mail program on the mail server. I'm not sure if cpanel will handle 150k user list.

  • tortautortau Member

    I would recommend getting a dedicated IP because with such a high volume of emails going out, if 1% reports as spam or is bounced, that's 1.5k emails which will affect the reputation of the IP - which can impede the delivery of other emails sent out from the same IP.

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  • AsimAsim Member

    I have used mailman on cPanel with close to 800k users without issues, of course using dedicated IP and enabling the Exim config to use the dedicated IP to send out emails.

    The automated bounce handling in mailman should be enabled at not-so-soft settings and things should work fine. Just remember, grow you list eventually, not all-at-once

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  • KeyJeyKeyJey Member

    @Asim what settings did you use ?

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