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    [US/EU] ::Free DirectAdmin :1GB OpenVZ / SSD VPS @ $3.50/month : 1Gbit Port
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    [US/EU] ::Free DirectAdmin :1GB OpenVZ / SSD VPS @ $3.50/month : 1Gbit Port

    harispharisp Member, Provider

    PieLayer began in early-2012 offering premium game servers without the premium price. Since then we have expanded our range of services to include virtual servers.

    We accept payments through PayPal.

    Ultrafast I/O VPS

    These plans make use of premium solid-state drives in a raid configuration. By using this configuration, the I/O write speed our customers get averages between 700MB/s and 1GB/s, making these plans perfect for I/O intensive software such as minecraft and large database servers.

    At this time, the only location we offer for these plans is San Diego, California.

    Test IP:

    Use coupon code: LEB50 to get 50% off for first month on all VPS offers!

    Ultrafast 1024

    1024MB RAM
    512MB vSwap
    25GB SSD Storage
    500GB Bandwidth
    1 IP

    Use coupon code: LEB50 and pay $3.50 first month! Later just $7.00 / Order US

    Classic VPS

    These are our classic plans, with two locations available.

    US Test IP:

    Germany Test IP:

    VPS One

    1024MB RAM
    512MB vSwap
    20GB Disk-Space
    750B 1Gbit Bandwidth
    1 IP

    Use coupon code: LEB50 and pay $3.50 first month! Later just $7.00 - Order US / Order Germany

                              ** SPECIAL SUMMER DEAL !!!**

    Nerdy Zero

    256MB RAM
    256MB vSwap
    10GB SSD Storage
    250GB Bandwidth
    1 IP Address

    Awesome price! Pay just $7 per quarter or $21/YEAR!! - Click here to order

    Control Panels

    DirectAdmin : $5.75pm
    cPanel : $17.00/pm

    Included features

    Instant Setup
    99.9% Uptime
    Raid 1 Storage
    Instant OS-Reinstalls
    Valid SSL Panels

    DirectAdmin is available at a discounted rate at $5.75/pm ( German Location, for USA it's free ).

    We charge $0.85 a month for extra IPs on our Ultrafast services, otherwise its $1.75 a month for IPs. discounts are available for IPs ordered in bulk. Any additional IP's will require justification within the RIPE/ARIN guidelines.

    We have a range of 32bit & 64bit OS templates, including Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. Our support will be happy to add more on request.

    Raid 1 Storage: All our servers use Raid 1 storage.



    PieLayer Hosting Solutions

    Like us on Facebook -

    Follow us on twitter -

    Revolution coming soon :)


    • Again?

    • It is OpenVZ, which means you need to automatically divid the allocated resources by 2.

    • harispharisp Member, Provider

      @joodle what do you mean by again? :-)

      Revolution coming soon :)

    • @harisp said:
      joodle what do you mean by again? :-)

      I've seen this thread posted before today...

    • harispharisp Member, Provider

      @joodle yes but I didn't quite understood the rules so they removed my post and I made a new thread respecting the rules of this site/ Forum.

      Revolution coming soon :)

    • Where is NerdyVPS located?

    • harispharisp Member, Provider

      @Strikerr Nerdy VPS plans are located in San Diego, CA. They are SSD powered ( like you can see @ )

      Revolution coming soon :)

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