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    Stripe - Bigger payments
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    Stripe - Bigger payments

    ReeceReece Member

    Just curious does anybody have experience with Stripe and bigger payments £20 - £300 for example.

    I understand charge backs come into play also with stripe which is also there would be strict fraud measures put in place by ourselves, though we're just looking for peoples feedback with using stripe for bigger payments.



    • onepoundonepound Member, Provider

      No issues here, use Stripe in UK. Have taken a few individual payments around £250

      OnePoundWebHosting• UK XEN VPS • PV & HVM
      • UK Shared & Reseller Hosting • Domains - Nominet TAG Holder • UK Ltd Company, Established 2006
    • JacobJacob Member

      Same, we have dedicated customers that pay us through stripe and have some £200+ payments.

      AboveClouds • UK Company • UK Datacentre • UK Customer Support

      High Performance Pure SSD Cloud Hosting with a personal touch

    • Same as above.

      We've had one chargeback in past 4-5 months, they gave us a chance to reply back and dispute the CB by providing evidence just recently. Apart from that it's working flawlessly, fraud checks are working perfectly now as well with the standard AVS/CVV checks

      Patrick | INIZ
    • patpat Member

      Stripe is absolutely awesome :-)

    • smansman Member
      edited July 2013

      I love Stripe.

    • ReeceReece Member

      Great - No issues then.

      Cheers guys ;)

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