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.com domain for 0,90 € - only today!
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.com domain for 0,90 € - only today!

DormeoDormeo Member


Today I got this promotion from

Domain .it at 0,90 €, only valid for new customers. The price for existing customers is 3,90 €. The promotions are only valid for first year registrations and it is limited to one domain per customer.


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  • hyndshynds Member

    Dormeo said: Domain .it at 0,90 €

    Is this for Italian only?

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  • Cool it works thanks.

  • sonicsonic Member

    @hynds said:

    Dormeo said: Domain .it at 0,90 €

    Is this for Italian only?

    I also have same question. Does it apply to all countries or only Italy?

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  • edited July 15

    Does it work for Americans living in Italy like me that will pay with an American verified paypal/credit card?

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  • YuraYura Member

    @Dormeo said: .com domain for 0,90 € - only today!

    @Dormeo said: Domain .it at 0,90 €

    Make up your mind already.

  • AidanAidan Member

    Both .com & .it is 0,90 € at

    Caveats: Only for new customers & only valid for the first year. Limited to a single domain per customer.

    After one year, your yearly renewal fee will be 38.50/35€ per domain.

    Transfer fees are 35€ per domain.

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  • Can we just transfer out the domain ? How much does it normally cost for .it domain ?

  • @Aidan said: Transfer fees are 35€ per domain.

    Transfer in fees are Euro 35, transfer out is free and quick.

    Buy Domains with Google Apps free subscription. Can set your one domain as primary.

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  • hanoihanoi Member

    I don't like

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