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    UK / Europe VPS needed
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    UK / Europe VPS needed

    Hello all!

    I am interested in getting a VPS that is in UK and also another one around the proximity for redundancy (Italy, Netherlands, Germany are fine). My target audience is based in UK.

    I would like some advice also on what other stuff I would require for this failover redundancy setup as well.

    I would also like the option of upgrading in the near future, should I require higher specs, just KIV.

    Specs Required
    1GB Ram (Of course more the merrier, but I would only require this for now)
    25-40GB Hard Disk
    300-500GB Bandwidth.
    KVM Preferred.
    1Gbit Preferred, but 100MBit is fine as well.
    If there is LEB Pricing, good. If its slightly over, its okay.

    I understand there are some like Iniz and Overzold around, are they recommended as well? Thanks in advance!


    • harispharisp Member, Provider

      @kennethsim: You can check our German VPS plans: , also enter 15OFFPL discount code to get 15% off first month :).

      Revolution coming soon :)

    • MaouniqueMaounique Member
      edited July 2013

      OVerZold has been surprisingly stable, even for us.
      We are out of KVM now, practically all we have is OVerZold and a bit of Xen Biz leftover from last promo when it run out very fast and we put up a lot (3 months ago :P)
      The cloud has KVM but is only in Alpha stage ATM. I hope to finish all technical problems by the autumn and launch all zones, including the IaaS part.
      The original launch of OVerZold was not very optimistic, but it went better than expected for everyone:
      EDIS has a similar offer,, cheaper but with some limitations.

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    • Makkesk8Makkesk8 Member
      edited July 2013

      iniz has some awesome plans located in netherlands, both ssd and ssd cached.

    • ooo thanks for all opinions and offers so far! keep them coming! :)

    • CameronCameron Member
      edited July 2013


      I know it's OpenVZ and you are preferring KVM, however here is my offer!

      1GB £5 ($7.44)/month located in Gosport, Hampshire

      Guaranteed: 1GB
      Burst: 2GB
      Bandwidth: 3TB @ 100mbit shared
      CPU: 3 shared cores
      Disk: 40GB
      IPs: 1 IPv4 + 40 IPv6
      Select United Kingdom from the location drop down!



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