DDoS protected VPS @ YourVZ.com
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DDoS protected VPS @ YourVZ.com

JustinBoshoffJustinBoshoff Member
edited January 2012 in Offers

Hope you all enjoyed a break over the silly season and are not too depressed after the shocking announcement made by LEA this morning.

I have two offers for LEB / LET to celebrate my B-Day on the 25th of Jan.

Silver 1024

OpenVZ with Openvpn and PPTP support 1024MB Ram / 2048MB Burst 2GHz / 2 vCpu 35GB Disk space 1000GB Transfer on shared 1Gbps 1 IP per server

$6.00/month Direct order link: https://yourvz.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=6&promocode=LJAN1024 Code LJAN1024 valid till end Feb


Silver 786 OpenVZ with Openvpn and PPTP support 768MB Ram / 1536MB Burst 2GHz / 2 vCpu 30GB Disk space 800GB Transfer on shared 1Gbps 1 IP per server

$48.00/year Direct order link: https://yourvz.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=5&promocode=LJAN786 Code LJAN786 valid till end Feb

Tun/Tap and pptp supported

If you have any questions please do ask.

Thank you very much.

Regards Justin Boshoff YourVZ.com



  • Where are these located? I poked around on your website for a little bit, couldn't determine where.

  • Hi Damian4IPXcore

    Thank you for the inquiry. We are collocated in the Bust.net DC.

    Have a look at "lowendbox.com/?s=yourvz&searchsubmit=Find" for our adds on the main site if you need more info.

    Regards Justin


  • Hi @JustinBoshoff,

    I don't see any information about your DDoS protection on your website. Can you please enlighten us with regards to what you use for protection and what kind scale of attacks you can mitigate? Thanks.

  • Hi NickM

    The DDoS protection is provided by a Cisco Guard appliance on an up link level and is managed by the data center. As for how effective it is, I have a couple of clients that got suspended from their providers for DDoS but have not had much issues since moving over.

    Regards Justin


  • Thanks Justin, I'll be keeping you guys in mind for one of my sites, which has DDoS problems occasionally.

  • Cool, just pop me a mail.


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