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IPV6 tunnel setup on gateway to serve LAN.
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IPV6 tunnel setup on gateway to serve LAN.

krs360krs360 Member
edited July 2013 in General


I was wondering if anyone here at managed to setup something like HE IPV6 tunnel on their gateway/router and have it serve their local network?

I have IPv6 access through the getway itself, but the clients connected via the lan don't get any access at all..

My current setup is:

ppp0 - (PPPOE connection, connected to router in bridge mode - public IP is on this device)

eth0 - As above, that's the nic which controls the PPPOE connection

eth1 - LAN side.

There's nothing in the firewall log which shows blocked packets, so I'm guessing there's just a misconfiguration somewhere along the long.

I would think someone here has attempted, and probably succeeded in doing this.


  • I'm not sure if I understand your situation correctly: is the tunnel set up on th gateway or on an actual system? And how do you get the IPv6 on your PC?

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  • krs360krs360 Member
    edited July 2013


    I have ubuntu machine which acts as a gateway basically - it connects to the internet via PPPOE and my ADSL modem (firewalled through iptables). The other machines in my house are assigned IPS through DHCP and all traffic is routed through this gateway.

    IPv6 works fine through the gateway, but what I want is for my network machines (my gaming pc/work pc, etc) to take advantage of that IPv6 that is running through my gateway (if that makes sense?)

  • OK. Have you tried radvd? It allows you to basically turn your PC into an IPv6 router. The basics for radvd are in one of my tutorials on LEB (look for routing IPv6).

    I recommend Prometeus, the best provider ever!

  • krs360krs360 Member

    Got this setup working if anyone else is interested.

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