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Cheapest SSD deal ?
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Cheapest SSD deal ?

PatsPats Member
edited July 2013 in Requests

I'm looking for any cheapest 256mb min. SSD deal.. so far cud get Fliphost @ 24/yr.
Any sweeter options? :)



  • Awmusic12635Awmusic12635 Member, Provider

    @Pats Just let me know if you have any questions about the plan.

    That one includes all our standard features for our Openvz plans:

    Free Offloaded SQL

    Free Rage4 DNS

    Backups every 6 hours which are user restoreable to the file level. Example here

    Subnet Labs, LLC Contact Us Deploy to: Seattle, Dallas or NYC
    Impact VPS | Cloud Servers | Storage Servers | Impact Shared | Shared Hosting

  • EpidriveEpidrive Member, Provider

    Would SSD-Cached do any good?

  • PatsPats Member

    SSD-cached... where'll be the Disk IO stand comparing with HDD & SSD (on average)?
    and the Price benefit?

  • SSD-cached:
    Your packaged services will likely to start faster, and database IOs will be almost SSD standard.
    However, it is unlikely that your static contents will enjoy a better IO, as they are not considered as "hot" files. SSD-cached will not benefit file downloads or image hosts.

  • How soon do the SSD drives fail? Have you run SSD servers for 2 years without failing? I've had good luck with SATA hard drives, as they have lasted several years.

  • PatsPats Member

    @sundaymouse said:
    Your packaged services will likely to start faster, and database IOs will be almost SSD standard.

    yeah i know lil bit abt SSD-cached, i was looking forward for some comparative figures from @FrapHost so that my client can make some decision..

  • Nick_ANick_A Top Provider

    We're not the cheapest, but we were voted in the top 4 VPS providers for the last several quarters. Check out our 38% off special ("YAYJULY4").

    RamNode: High Performance Cloud VPS
    NYC - LA - ATL - SEA - NL - DDoS Protection
  • +1 for RamNode

  • PatsPats Member
    edited July 2013

    @Nick_A i know u first when @Jarland talked highly of Ramnode. I have checked ur offer also, i'd love to but i have to see my client's budget also.. lets see..

  • harispharisp Member, Provider

    @Pats You can check us out . Also you can enter 20% off coupon code for life ( only for SSD VPS ): ILOVELEB :)

    Revolution coming soon :)

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