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    Any fairly cheap and good DC in Illinois (Chicago or near)?
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    Any fairly cheap and good DC in Illinois (Chicago or near)?

    I'm looking to colo 2 servers in Illinois. Any suggestions?

    I'm aware of Continuum (Bad network) and Steadfast (Too expensive)


    Cheap VPS - VPSDime


    • ZenZen Member



    • CC in Chicago. Decent network.

    • DomainBopDomainBop Member
      edited July 2013

      ColoStore in South Bend, Indiana is near Chicago (about 90 miles). Do some pings and traceroutes, in many cases it will have lower latencies than some of the DC's in Lombard or Elk Grove Village.

    • ServerCentral - who CC colo with.

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      We operate the network AS62638 | Available in Syd AU and Dallas, Los Angeles and NYC USA
    • JackJack Member, Provider

      @concerto49 said:
      ServerCentral - who CC colo with.

      Colo via CC you'll probably get a better deal though.

    • bcrlsnbcrlsn Member

      South Bend Indiana is pretty decent. I have a server at colostore and I really like it. They have a good blend of bandwidth - Cogent/Internap/Level3.

      Check it out, if you want a test VPS/IP/Test File let me know.

      Visual Artist/Nerd from Los Angeles, Ca. Has a strange addiction to servers.
    • zfedorazfedora Member
      edited July 2013

      @serverian if you go with Colostore, I can do remote hands for you if you need, I'm usually there at least one weekend per month, sometimes more.

      P.S. I received your email and I replied, just been busy lately.

    • I would recommend Continuum but... you think they have a bad network :(

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