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WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

Hello everyone,

What we're offering today is:


- 1GB Memory

- 15GB Pure SSD

- 4 vCPU Fair Use

- 2.66 GHz* CPU Speed

- Unmetered Bandwidth

- 1 IPv4 Address

- Anti-DDoS Protection

- Xen HVM Virtualizatio

- Full Root Access

- SSH Access only

- No Resource Contention

- Unmanaged Support Service

- 99.9% Uptime

- 14 Day Money Back*

Normal Price: £5 per month, pay one year in advance and receive 50% OFF, use LOWENDTALK code on checkout.

VPS Features
- Almost Instant Setup (required the scanned ID for fraud screening)

- Full root ssh access

- Equal Share of CPU

- 1Gbps internet connection (shared port)

- All RAM is Guaranteed

- 100% No Overselling

- Unmanaged Support Service

- 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

- VPS Service Price Match Guarantee

- 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee

- Auto Anti-DDoS protection

More information at URL:

The above VPS plan come with unmanaged support, if you can't handle the server administration we recommend the managed plans, visit our website for more information:

VPS Price Match Guarantee on: All our range of DDOS protected XEN-HVM VPS Plans
Are you looking for best price for self-managed VPS? See WebProVPS website for more details.
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