Anyone intrested in my SoYouStart E3-SSD4 ?

Anyone intrested in my SoYouStart E3-SSD4 ?

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I still have one E3-SSD4 So you Start - 32G E3-1245v2 HardRaid 3x300GB SSD Server that I don´t need anymore. The server is located at RBX4 and always worked fantastic. I migrated to a smaller machine at

The server has been paid until end of April 2017. Monthly costs afterwards are 53.55 € including tax.

So anyone interested? Please send offers or questions via PM.

Cheers Stefan


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    Maybe @exception0x876 wants it for his ssd plans

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    Thanks @teamacc, I actually use E3-SSD-4 for KVM SSD plans, however I found that E3-SSD-5 works as well and due to thin-provisioned disks I don't need the extra SSD space.

    Still I can confirm that this server works great, you just have to change the default RAID-5 on its card to something else.

    8GB RAM 200GB HDD KVM VPS for $6.99/mo -

    1TB KVM NAT Storage VPS for $5.99/mo

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    Please check PM.

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