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    $12/year Web Hosting w/ Nginx, LetsEncrypt, DDoS Mitigation
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    $12/year Web Hosting w/ Nginx, LetsEncrypt, DDoS Mitigation

    MikeAMikeA Member, Provider
    edited March 2017 in Shared Hosting Offers

    ExtraVM has a promotion plan currently for LET users. If you need reliable cPanel hosting for your website, consider trying it out, all services come with a 3 day refund period. Stock for this promotion plan cannot be guaranteed.


    • cPanel Control Panel
    • CloudLinux
    • Nginx Reverse Proxy
    • 100Gbps+ DDoS Mitigation
    • LetsEncrypt SSL (AutoSSL)
    • 99.95% Uptime
    • Choose your PHP version
    • Hosted in Montreal, CA.


    • 5GB Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • 1 Domain
    • Unlimited MySQL, E-Mail Accounts, etc.

    Interested? Order here.

    Notes: a.) Optional (clean) dedicated IP can be purchased for $3/m, which mail is sent over also. Promotion plan has e-mail sending limit of 100/hour, but limit can be removed if dedicated IP is purchased. b.) Nginx proxy - All traffic (SSL and non-SSL) is passed through Nginx, which is what your viewers will see. c.) If uptime is under 99.95% on a monthly basis, we will extend refund period for you. d.) We do not add additional add-on domains for this plan. If you need more hosted domains, you must upgrade to our normal plans. e.) We don't provide support for third party software (i.e. forum software) with this plan, so we recommend you know what you're running before ordering.

    Have a Q? Send a ticket here.


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