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    [HostingInside] UK & Germany XEN-PV 1024MB $5/month
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    [HostingInside] UK & Germany XEN-PV 1024MB $5/month

    jenokjenok Member, Provider


    CPU: 2 CPU(Fair Share)

    HDD: 40GB(Raid 10)

    MEM: 1GB MEM

    SWAP: 512MB SWAP

    1 IPv4

    3 IPv6

    Bandwidth: 1gbps (Germany based came with 100mbps)

    Traffic: 1000GB/month

    $5 monthly with coupon code ANIV2017LET (pro-rata billing)

    Click Here to order Germany based VPS


    Click Here to order UK based VPS

    Germany Datacenter: Dusseldorf

    Test IP:

    UK Datacenter: Maidenhead

    Test IP:

    HostingInside LTD. - Taiwan, US, UK, Germany KVM & XEN VPS Provider + RAID 10 + Daily & Offsite Backup
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