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Apache Mesos and SoYouStart/OVH
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Apache Mesos and SoYouStart/OVH

Hello LEB,

I was looking at Apache Mesos :

Looks very interesting. It allows you to make all your servers into one big fat ass machine.

I was wondering if anyone over here with some SYS/OVH experience could let me know if it's possible to use such a thing and make IP's from all different SYS servers be available on that one "big" machine.

Let's assume the following examples :

I own 3 servers with SoYouStart:

  • ServerA
  • ServerB
  • ServerC

Each servers came with 16 free IP's, totaling 48 IP's.

Is it possible to route all those IP's to that one big machine in such a way that a system like SolusVM would be able to distribute resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) and Network (IP's) and create KVM VPS without any issues ?

I know of a lot of issues with SoYouStart IP Routing, special things to do. I am not a networking expert, but rather a software developer so I hope some expert in networking could give me some of their advice !


  • WSSWSS Member

    No, it doesn't actually let you turn 3 shitty computers into a slightly better one with high latency.

    Mesos currently supports several containerizers, notably the Mesos containerizer and the Docker containerizer. Maintaining two containerizers is hard. For instance, when we add new features to Mesos (e.g., persistent volumes, disk isolation), it becomes a burden to update both containerizers. Even worse, sometimes the isolation on some resources (e.g., network handles on an agent) requires coordination between two containerizers, which is very hard to implement in practice. In addition, we found that extending and customizing isolation for containers launched by Docker engine is difficult, mainly because we do not have a way to inject logics during the life cycle of a container. Therefore, we made an effort to unify containerizers in Mesos (MESOS-2840, a.k.a. the Universal Containerizer). We improved Mesos containerizer so that it now supports launching containers that specify container images (e.g., Docker/Appc images).

    Stopped giving a fuck right here.

    I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

  • gkzgkz Member

    @WSS are you trying to increase your posts?

  • K4Y5K4Y5 Member

    @gkz said:
    @WSS are you trying to increase your posts?

    Are you?

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  • WSSWSS Member

    Postcount are for people who care about postcounts.

    I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

  • @WSS Thanks for the feedback. Is there an actual good alternative out there that could acheive such a thing, that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars ?

    I'm just looking for a way to more easily distribute resources, with all my little servers that I have (I'm currently limited to give X amount of ram based on the server that has the most RAM in it..).

    And all that, while remembering that I have to deal with the weird OVH networking that may limit me in this.

  • WSSWSS Member

    @icekev said:
    @WSS Thanks for the feedback. Is there an actual good alternative out there that could acheive such a thing, that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars ?

    The real problem you have is that these machines are not directly interconnected. Without having that- and most likely 100meg ports, it's going to be highly latent to pool your resources. It may have been faster to isolate separate tasks to different machines. I would not suggest trying to tie them all together, unless you realize that it will likely be incredibly slow.

    I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

  • rm_rm_ Member


    Is this in the Oxford dictionary yet.

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  • exception0x876exception0x876 Member, Provider
    edited March 2017

    Mesos does not allow you to create KVM VPS. For that purpose I suggest looking into Openstack or OpenNebula.

    Still if you want to try Mesos, I suggest to try to install it using Rancher. It can get it running within minutes.

    EDIT: Also Rancher has KVM support too, but I haven't tried it yet.

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