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Is CloudFlare enough for a static site or need a cdn?
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Is CloudFlare enough for a static site or need a cdn?

I've a static site which I'm working on.
My question is if cloudflare is enough as a cdn to speed up website or a cdn like bunnycdn can help?
When I check header response of static resources it shows cf-cache :hit so I am wondering if cdn is required



  • I use cloudflare for all of my sites and I'm happy with it. Can't beat free. I'd say use cloudflare for the time being and if you're happy with the speeds, stick with it. If not, try out some other cdn.

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

  • If you're seeing that hit and are happy with the performance then stick with CF for free. They have a huge network and huge amounts of bandwidth for serving your site's resources for free

  • You can cache the entire site using cloudflare's page rules, and then the whole site, including HTML, is served from the cloudflare CDN

  • PhilTechiePhilTechie Member, Provider

    I use cloudflare, but what I don't like is security IP check of the visitors. That will increase the loading page time.

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  • sinsin Member

    With Cloudflare I create a cdn alias so on some of my websites I just use their free dns hosting and then have images and stuff pointed to a cloudflare enabled alias ( instead of having it enabled on my entire site.

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