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Does anyone know a self-hosted open-sourced intranet portal.
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Does anyone know a self-hosted open-sourced intranet portal.

Looking for a lightweight intranet portal that would be compatible for Centos and Nginx. Not looking so much of the social aspect that many do not use, looking for functional aspects for:

Employee Management - Time Clock

Graphical Menu - For direction to Business Systems - ERP - CMS - PIM - EMAIL ( Just the ability to click a link or picture - Hyperlink)

Front Door to direct traffic to main site (E-commerce) (SEO) (Redirect) and password protect employee login.

Composer install would be recommended but not critical. God bless you!


  • JasperNLJasperNL Member
    edited March 2017

    I remember some open source program OpenGoo. It was taken over but I don't remember the name. It was quite some features!

    Edit: Feng Office is the name.

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  • rivermiguerivermigue Member, Provider
    edited March 2017

    Removed, wrong thread.

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  • Thanks Jasper, I researched it and that is not quite what I am looking for. That program seems overlaps with the erp/cms that I will be using. Looking for a very simple intranet. Thanks again. God bless you!

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