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Self-Hosted Note Taking App
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Self-Hosted Note Taking App

I'm looking for a self-hosted note taking app. Something where I can keep a journal, helpful tips, etc. Kinda like evernote... but self hosted. I'd really also like it to be able to store pdfs/invoices as well.

I found noteplex, and I really think I might like it. However, the last update was in 2013:

Laverna is self-hosted, but the unhosting philosophy with limited sync options was a pain.

Tagspaces is more a file manager....

So do you have any better suggestions out there?


  • CoreyCorey Member, Provider

    Create a form with a text area that saves in your DB of choice, get fancy and plug in a javascript WYSIWYG library.

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  • WSSWSS Member

    Install a wiki, blog, or any generic CMS and stick it behind userauth. Done!

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  • MalinMalin Member

    I've been using FengOffice for that sort of tasks, been happy with it so far.

  • I think paperwork looks the best. Has anyone used it to manage to manage receipts and such?

  • tiddlywiki - 100% client-side javascript, or you can put it on a server.

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  • I use DokuWiki for documentation, notes, etc.

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  • NekkiNekki Moderator

    I asked about something like this a few years ago, ended up sticking with Dokuwiki.

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  • Dokuwiki here

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  • Confluence self hosted is only 10 bucks a year

  • Check out Meemo

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  • Thank you all for the suggestions. I tried a bunch of different apps these past days, and I didn't like any of them. I finally went with the more automated Evernote, and I am trying that out. It seems to do what I was intending to do and a little more.

  • Sadly this niche is missing a great product. I have an idea that I think would work great but lack the development experience to flesh it out.

  • @jamesrat said:
    Sadly this niche is missing a great product. I have an idea that I think would work great but lack the development experience to flesh it out.

    It is so true, it is why I asked for suggestions here. I looked around and couldn't find much. I guess what I was really after was a virtual filing cabinet. Many of the note taking apps had features like it, but there wasn't enough.

  • maybe have a try on

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  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Provider

    I started writing one a while ago... Maybe time to resurrect it .. I still would need a front end developer tho. I suck at making things pretty lol

  • nextcloud's built in notes is nice -- and the qownnotes app works great with it, supports tags, etc..

    I like tiddlywiki, too

  • ClouviderClouvider Member, Provider

    They don't seem to professional about what they do:


    Upgrading to the latest GIT version of Paperwork is fairly easy. Update your local repository running git pull, then cd into the frontend/ directory and run php artisan migrate. In most cases this should work. If you're experiencing issues, you might need to clear the database completely and re-run the initial installation.

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  • I use Emacs org-mode for almost all my note-taking needs ( A wiki is another simple approach: apt-get install gitit installs a Git-backed wiki with a Wikipedia-like appearance, but it accepts Markdown editing etc. MoinMoin is a simpler wiki written in Python that uses plain files.

    I'm skeptical of using databases for things where plain text files suffice, because of human-readability, the possibility of corrupted db's, etc. Text files and Git very robust by comparison, and it's easy to backup/replicate Git repos ("git push"). You also have a full blown source control tool behind the wiki, so you can branch/fork your notes on a given topic, atomically commit multiple simultaneous updates, etc.

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  • rm_rm_ Member

    Go with Dokuwiki, you can use it for your public website as well, and then easily migrate content between public and private with no syntax change (just copy-paste).

  • ardaarda Member

    leanote looks sleek, also has markdown support, and ios and android app. Nice to know!

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