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[x2go]: Best Connection & Compression Method?
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[x2go]: Best Connection & Compression Method?

aboanas93aboanas93 Member
edited February 2017 in Help

Greetings All,

This is my first post since joining in last April, after seeing a lot of problems being solved by this community members, I've been encouraged to lay out one that bothers me for a while now.

I have a dedi (E3-1240 V2) from latest offer, I installed a windows template to try it out, the RDP connection was almost seamless (I could watch videos), yet when I reverted to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server and installed x2go server, no matter what connection/compression settings I use, I still get a lag and a progressive refresh whenever I do anything.

So, What is the best connection/compression settings for the x2go client?

My Connection Details:
4Mbps/1Mbps (Cap: 200GB/m)

Latency to the Server:
Minimum = 72ms, Maximum = 76ms, Average = 73ms

Thanks in advance


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