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Lost Domain - Deadpool host?
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Lost Domain - Deadpool host?

I had a domain registered with, they were i think 12$ a year for webhosting which is why I went with them.
They seemed to have disappeared, their website is now a parked domain and I'm waiting on an email back from them (if I ever get one). I guess its a simple case of "you get what you pay for"

Is this common to see in the webhosting industry? What would be the steps to take if I can't get a response from them. I registered the domain with whois privacy so that's another issue I would imagine.

Do my fellow low-enders have a Go To registrar? I was looking into "hover", so I keep my domains and hosting completely separate from this point forward.



  • I prefer Namecheap.

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  • Yeah, I've seen that before. But its like hosts are often slandered for random reasons? They did end up getting their valid WHMCS panel at some point...

    I just needed something quick for testing little things, seemed cheap enough at the time. Support was horrible though, seemed like a 1 person operation.

  • DylanDylan Member
    edited May 2013

    I used to use Namecheap, but there are registrars that are just as reliable who charge less (and notably don't charge at all for private WHOIS). and NameSilo are my top picks.

    Hover's good too (part of Tucows) but again, there's no reason to pay their premium.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Member

    I use NameCheap for domains because I know they won't disappear anytime soon, and you really can't beat their prices when they have promo codes available. For hosting, I just use my LEB's or my home server.

  • @WebSearchingPro I do GoDaddy, NameCheap, and Dynadot-There are some others that are fine but stay big for Registrar

  • JanevskiJanevski Member
    edited May 2013

    @WebSearchingProWebSearchingPro I am quite satisfied with Dynadot, i've been using them for a long period of time. They also offer some stuff like free DNS service* with limited number of DNS records (around 15 i think), it works fine, You can also set TTLs to as low as 5min so it's great actually.

    Quite some time ago, i have been in a situation like Yours, but i managed to transfer my domain to Dynadot.

    *Which once got DDoS-ed to the bone for a few days.

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  • upfreakupfreak Member

    Even if you have whois privacy installed, you should get emails forwarded to your registrant/admin email. They must be a reseller from someone so contact them and follow their verification process and you have chances to get access to your domain. Please PM me if you want help.

  • shovenoseshovenose Member, Provider

    Dynadot, Namcheap, are two good registrars

  • KMyersKMyers Member

    Reminds me of the email I got from their "Legal Department" back in 2011

  • @KMyers said:
    Reminds me of the email I got from their "Legal Department" back in 2011

    Yeah, I saw that AFTER I paid for hosting/domain. Well at least I learned my lesson and put in hours of research before picking hosts.

    Well I decided to go with namecheap, to keep it simple since they offer those cheap SSL certs if I ever need one.
    But yeah their website looks a bit crowded, thats what put me off originally likewise with godaddy.

  • jeffjeff Member
    edited May 2013

    I bought a GoDaddy reseller to get cheap domain prices. It comes with an SSL and hosting, etc. I do enough business with it so that it makes a little money and helps offset the cost of owning too many domains. Funny note, Webroot came after me trying to say I was infringing on their brand since my company is called WebHoot. I told them to go away. If anyone is interested on how it works, just pm me. There are some fairly successful GD resellers out there making $$$, but I just use mine to transfer domains into after the promo year is up. What it is really good for is getting people who constantly ask for help doing a website etc. The GD reseller has 24/7 phone support, same as GD. I give them their domain and hosting at cost and tell them to call the support line when they try to rope me into solving their issues.

    Thanks! Jeff

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