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[ Howto ] setup your first web server for various services
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[ Howto ] setup your first web server for various services

natestammnatestamm Member
edited May 2013 in Tutorials

Thought I would post some old shell scripts I used to use for setting up my own and client machines. I have somewhat graduated from these as they are a bit bloated.

For this you will need to put the following commands in files relation, internet, and apacheen from your Shemoves line to the exit and run preferably after the following..

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

apt-get install aptitude

aptitude update

aptitude safe-upgrade


aptitude install ntp ntpdate

I welcome any responses-Hope this helps someone.


#!/bin/sh -e

aptitude install \
 mysql-client \
 mysql-server \
 libsasl2-2 \
 libsasl2-modules \
 libsasl2-modules-sql \
 sasl2-bin \
 libpam-mysql \
 openssl \
 rkhunter \
 binutils \

exit 0


#!/bin/sh -e

aptitude install \
 apache2 \
 apache2.2-common \
 apache2-doc \
 apache2-mpm-prefork \
 apache2-utils \
 libexpat1 \
 ssl-cert \
 libapache2-mod-php5 \
 php5 \
 php5-common \
 php5-gd \
 php5-mysql \
 php5-imap \
 php5-cli \
 php5-cgi \
 libapache2-mod-fcgid \
 apache2-suexec \
 php-pear \
 php-auth \
 php5-mcrypt \
 mcrypt \
 php5-imagick \
 imagemagick \
 libapache2-mod-suphp \
 libopenssl-ruby \

exit 0


#!/bin/sh -e

 a2enmod \
 suexec \
 rewrite \
 ssl \
 actions \

exit 0

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