Looking for a PHP dev (Google Cloud API)
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Looking for a PHP dev (Google Cloud API)

GarrettRockyGarrettRocky Member
edited February 2017 in Requests

I need a PHP developer to make a script for me.
I prefer someone who worked with Google Cloud API before (Compute Engine).

3 functions needed:
- List the IP's of all the active compute engine instances.
- Create x instances using x template (a template that I've already created) (Could be a batch request or just a simple 'for' loop).
- Remove all the compute engine instances except the ones where their IP's in $whitelist array.

Don't care how it looks, just a basic form, no style or anything.

I understand that time = money and I'm willing to pay good.
If someone can do this, please send me a PM or post and I'll PM you.


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