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20-25$ redundant solution mail & website & whatever else
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20-25$ redundant solution mail & website & whatever else

I`m looking for cheap redundant solution for email & website & whatever else (site with small amount of visits). (I want to have two servers / vps so e.g. when disc dies, I have to restart
the other one will still be in service).
1. Hosted in EU
2. I will be able to get bill with tax for company in Poland (European union)
3. At least ~100GB of storage

I was thinking about ovh,,scaleway.
Can I make it working (switching between two servers/vps) just by using dns or I will have to have another vps/server just for load balancing?


  • Phew. What App are you running? If its something that can be dockerized or has the ability to be converted to a 12factor app, think about getting 3 half decent VPS and roll out flynn (paas). This solves your downtime
    Issue. For the mail thing you could try to deploy mailcow to flynn as it has just been dockerized.. a lot of stuff to be tested but downtime-resistant stacks are usually quite complex.

  • xerrnixerrni Member
    edited February 2017

    I am not going to run any special app at the moment but I want to have future proof solution. I am now focusing on mail & website, other apps and stuff maybe in the future. I will not have much traffic, I just want to have good uptime because I think that is crucial for any type of mail & website.
    I`m thinking about backup``ing to gdrive or amazon cloud drive. (rclone with encryption).
    4. The drives on vps/dedi also should be encrypted

  • Online/Scaleway isn't quite what you're asking. I'd suggest OVH Cloud VPS for website--it's in a HA Openstack/Ceph cluster so your VPS can migrate between physical servers in case of node crash etc. Doesn't give you geo redundancy though. For email you might try (hosted in CH). PM me if you want a promo code. They also have a free plan you can test out with.

    #lexit spread the word.

  • I could just do bought it (mail and site) on random hosting but I would rather host everything myself, I won`t trust someone to host my mail.

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