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Donation - Tor exit
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Donation - Tor exit

MrKaruppuMrKaruppu Member
edited February 2017 in General


As of now, There are only around 883 Tor exit nodes and I am running 2 Tor exit nodes since last Sep. Nodes are pushing around approximately ~25TB/month. I am running it without any donations.

Node details: Node1 Node2

I figured that, this is the time I should start accepting donations. You can donate any amount you see fit. All donations will be used to pay for the nodes and any excess amount will be used to add new nodes.

You may donate to this bitcoin address: 1JLqxShorKdrQYDZ3sPSN1CtKiGf2XknED

If you are skeptical to donate, you may donate a server which will be used to run exit node or a relay.

I have also planned to list the names of the donors on our site. (if you wish your name to be listed in donor list, please PM me before donating)

I am not sure whether I can ask for donations in this forum. If this is not appropriate, please delete this post.

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