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How to setup ipv6 subnet on OVH? Windows -> Hyper V
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How to setup ipv6 subnet on OVH? Windows -> Hyper V

Hey there, I currently have a Windows server at OVH. I installed Hyper-V and another Windows Server 2012 R2 inside. I am trying to assign an ipv6 but cannot seem to work out what to insert. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone done this before and/or can give me a hand?


  • I just want to follow this thread, since I was gonna post the same question today. I have no problem getting IPv6 working on my main server, but also do not get IPv6 to work on my Hyper-V VMs. And I have not found any working guide for this at OVH.

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  • do not know about windows, but ipv6 works fine in linux.
    at least you can create a ipv6 only interface bridge to your physical port I think?

  • You have to do a very complicated api it seems but I just opened a support ticket and they gave me one eventually. May around 2 to 3 weeks. God bless you!

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