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Question about OpenVZ and kernel versions
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Question about OpenVZ and kernel versions

I have some Linux experience, but I'm a total noob wrt kernel versions.

I have a Resource Pool (OpenVZ) VPS package, and while I absolutely love it, I notice that the kernel it's running is v2.6.32, and a couple applications I want to install require a later kernel version (v3.x).

So my questions are:

  1. What is the current version of an OpenVZ kernel?

  2. Any kernel upgrades with OpenVZ would be at the server (and thus the host) level, not the container level, correct?

  3. Would I be better off finding a KVM provider?

My account is with HostMyBytes (cue insults and mud slinging) but it's their $15.49 per month tier, and I'm only paying $4 per month, so I'm not giving it up any time soon, though I am open to another, separate solution.



  • OpenVZ means the host runs the kernel. You can't change it. With KVM you can install your own kernel.

    #lexit spread the word.

  • WSSWSS Member
    edited February 2017

    2.6.32 is the current OpenVZ kernel for the host. See:

    OpenVZ does not give you access to the kernel level, so yes on #2. If you prefer to manage your hardware and build your own distribution-grade installation, yes, you'd want KVM. KVM also enables you to install completely different operating systems, so you aren't stuck with Linux.

    Truth be told, although 2.6.x IS old, much of the OpenVZ additions/changes to it are not. If you can find anything that won't work on your OVZ VPS that "should" (not kernel level stuff), I'd be somewhat surprised.

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